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Blog Post 19/09/2015 Launched!

Its Warmer Down Below cover
It's Warmer Down Below book cover

On Thursday, 17th September 2015, at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), No 1 Great George Street in London the autobiography of Sir Harold Harding was launched in the stunning library with a mixture of good friends, relatives, colleagues and plentiful civil engineers. The event was very successful, with strong interest in (and sales of) the book that captures the characteristics of a warm and charismatic man who worked at the forefront of many initiatives in civil engineering and several key projects, including many tunnels under London, co-founding Soil Mechanics Ltd and being part of the introduction of geotechnical investigations to the UK. He was consultant to the Channel Tunnel Study Group in the 1950s through to the abortive start in 1974, continuing to lobby for a twin bored tunnel in his later years. He was also the technical expert on the Aberfan Tribunal following the catastrophic mine spoil slip in 1966 and initiated the investigations that led to many recommendations that are still relevant today.


Blog Post 29/09/2014 Trees in Our World

Leicester Botanic gardens
Chestnut tree in Leicester University Botanic Gardens

Almost every day, I have something to do with trees, which is a great joy. Many of my clients are arboricultural consultants or landscape architects with a tree specialism. They need graphics, photographs or research into the trees in the landscape, particularly if they are too pressed for time to do it themselves or not confident. Regularly this shows how these magnificent plants are viewed or treated by their owners/managers, the public or other consultants who could possibly have done things differently.



Blog Post 19/08/2014 Falkland Flight Training – bird style

King Cormorants in flight
King Cormorants in flight

While travelling in the Falkland Islands a little while ago, we had the privilege of staying for three days in a cottage on the island of Bleaker to the southwest of East Falkland. The name came from it having been considered a ‘bleaker’ island than the one the finders had just visited, which could well be the case given the very sculpted vegetation that we could see from the air. We came down to land on a grass runway in the small red airplane that operates as a sort of inter-island bus. We had had to be weighed prior to entering so that the fuel levels could be calculated.



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