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Tilia Services undertakes commissioned photography for landscape architects, graphic designers, planners and ecologists, many clients are in the construction industry, but not exclusively so.

Commissioned photographs have been used to illustrate company websites, project reports, gazetteers and conservation management plans for key historic parks and also Cold War airbases.  Photographs are in the forthcoming book, The Lichens of Jersey, and were also used in reports for the study of the lichens of Kerry, Cork and Galway in churchyards of western Ireland.

Amanda Davey had the great privilege of working with the significant and respected photographer, Martin Jones, on several projects in a client-related role. His work has continued to be a major inspiration ever since.

Please do make contact if you are interested in discussing any possible commissions, are interested in any photographs on the website or if there is anything else that comes to mind. A Sample Photography Brief is also available.



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