Jersey Lichens

This project lasted for several years, covering
research, photography and book design services.
The book The Lichens of Jersey was published in 2015 and is
available through www.tiliapublishinguk.co.uk.
Jersey is a beautiful island and it has been a
genuine pleasure to have been involved in this work

Les Blanches Banques

One of the complexities of a project such as this has been what
names to give to places. Traditionally called Les Quennevais,
the dunes in the western part of the island have been largely
developed by housing and by sporting facilities, so the smaller
area remaining is now called Les Blanches Banques, describing
the white sand of the dunes. This can be a very fine area for
lichens where the surface is not too disturbed and continues
to be grazed by rabbits and sheep


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