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Amanda Davey has in the past written a blog called Pragmatic Bollards:
The hidden things that connect with Landscape Architecture
hosted on Google's Blogger.
The blog is now hosted on the main Tilia website (Pragmatic Bollards). There is another occasional blog on the Tilia Publishing UK website that deals more with published works.
Please do make contact over anything that raises an eyebrow or chuckle or, hopefully, some thoughts.

Following on from the work on The Lichens of Jersey and It's Warmer Down Below, further writing projects are now being developed.

The majority of the work undertaken by Tilia Services is for industry clients who are
augmenting their work with the extra services provided by Tilia. Client confidentiality is fully
respected. This can mean that descriptions of work undertaken can appear a bit short
of detail, but this is intentional and any discussions about work and future projects would
be backed up by considerable experience on a wide range of project types.

For further information about the background of Amanda Davey and Tilia Services please also see the About About page







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