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Graphic Design

Tilia Services regularly carries out graphics production for clients for:

The software used includes Adobe Creative Cloud (in particular Photoshop, In-Design, Illustrator, Dreamweaver), IntelliCAD, Powerpoint, QGIS and integrating with other software where appropriate. Other supporting software includes Microsoft Word and Excel. 

Desktop-publishing design services are used for:

Recent projects have included: design for the full colour book The Lichens of Jersey; design for It's Warmer Down Below: the autobiography of Sir Harold Harding, 1900-1986; design and layout of reports for Stowe School to integrate with a set of documents already produced; as well as ongoing graphics support for report production and planning submissions. Lectures are also regularly designed and laid out, including for presentation on cruise ships.

The core philosophy is communication of ideas, the designs are carried out as appropriate to the market intended, and in tune with any special requirements the client may have.




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