World Heritage Sites

It has been a huge privilege to not only visit a large
number of World Heritage Sites, but also to have had
the opportunity to work on several of the key British
sites and emerging sites. This selection of photographs
is a mixture of pseudo-iconic views and random jottings

Santa Laura Saltpeter Works

In Chile the history of the nitrate industry is inextricably linked
to the history of the country from the times of the guano
purchases on the nineteenth century through into the twenty-first
and the more sophisticated methods involved. In the centre of
the Atacama Desert lies the Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter
Works, at their productive level in the last quarter of the nineteenth
century. This photograph shows the plant at Santa Laura, or what
is left of it, the skeleton structure evoking the dryness of the
desert very well (2005)


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